Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have done something wrong.. I get it.. I know it seems like that lies never correct an issue. That is not even an argument to think about, but when you are scared... You tend to hide.. You tend to escape.. Especially when you are dealing with pain.. Pain as it is, is always unwanted. And for that... I justify the lie that I did.

I lie.. I hide.. I clandestinely plan to escape pain.. The pain of being rejected. I am always having that kind of hurt. I should have been numb with the stimulus of it. But you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I am not good at lying... I am not good expressing myself...
I know lying to you... will just make things worst.. But i swear I tried to be honest.. I tried to be strong. But I cannot simply let one reason for you to hate me... To reject me.. I cannot think about of anything else but to lie. I am just a person.. I am not perfect... My mind is not as broad as you think.. I can only think of an easy way.. and that is to lie.. I kept repeating myself.. To let you know.. that I am aware of my actions.. That I do take responsibilty. there is vaugeness in the things that I am saying right now. I cannot make it more specific.. in detail... Because you cannot distinguish pain in such precise manner.. It will be just there.. Like a lurking shadow on a dim lit room.

I am losing words now... I am running out of thoughts.. My mind is clouded and all I wish for is happiness. But I guess.. my feet is not that fast to chase it...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i don't really knows what it means.pero, all i know life is constantly changing, kahit love, kahit ang pag giging mapagmahal, pagiging sweet, lahat nagbabago,naaalala ko dati , kung di kita makausap di ako makatulog, pag di tayo nagkakaintidhan di ako mapakali, dati ang inspirasyong binibigay mo sa akin ay nag uumapaw, pero ngayon di ko na nararamdaman yun. and honestly i can go for days without talking to you,pero don't think that i dont care. because i really care.. kasi alam ko, na di ko pa alam ang gagawin ko pag nawala ka. ewan ko ba.. hay naku! makatulog na nga.. nytie bloggy.. ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Praying won’t do it
Hating won’t do it
Drinking won’t do it
Fighting won’t knock you out
Of my head

Hiding won’t hide it
Smiling won’t hide it
Like I ain’t tried it
Everyone’s tried it now
And failed somehow

So when you gonna let me
When you gonna let me out – Out

And if you know
How do you get up from an all-time low
I’m in pieces
Seems like peace is
The only thing I’ll never know
How do you get up
Get up

‘Cos driving won’t do it
Flying won’t do it
Denying won’t do it
Crying won’t drown it out
What you said

When I’m standing on the yellow line
Waiting at the station
Or I’m late for work
A vital presentation
If you call me now girl
Without reservation
I would try to break through

But if you know
How do you get up from an all-time low
I’m in pieces
It seems like peace is
The only thing I never know
How do you get up from an all-time low
I can’t even find a place to start
How do I choose between my head and heart
till it ceases I never know
How do you get up from an all-time low..

you should know, i can only take so much. im only human, prone to wordly things. i know change is inevitable, but if the changes aren't for the better, then why even bother...

  I miss this BLOG!!! :D
.nakatingin lang sa monitor.. iniisip kung ano itatype ko.. hahaha. pero wala akong maisip..oo na wala kasi akong utak.. : r a z z :  : r a z z : 

trip ko lang mag post.. dahil bored ako.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

im so lucky to have such a great friend like you... who'd forgive me if i forgot her birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Po Dear! please keep me in your heart... as i will always keep you in mine and always remember... i love you so... im letting you go but it doesnt mean im giving up on you...Happy Belated Birthday.. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

i miss this blog... :D sabi nila "do what makes you happy" pero bakit ganun , kung san ka masaya ay dun naman madaming hassle,dameng kontra .. An0 ba dapat ?