Friday, September 30, 2011

wow! its been awhile... and guess what its almost a year na din.. that i made this blog.. kaso nga lang, i dont have enough time to put feed this bloggy of mine. hahaha.. busy kasi for the past days because of palaro... and Fiesta also.. kumusta na nga din pala si gelle.. hope his dad is fine nah.. o sya be right back! gulo ng isip ko.. :D hahaha   

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happiness is...

Have you ever felt so out of place
That the smile on your face
Was to keep from cryin'
I don't know how we get so out of touch
But I don't want much
Just to find out
What happiness is
While everybody else is winning
You're stuck waiting for your new beginning
So happiness is
Wherever you find it
You may be full of life's frustrations
But I'm up for negotiations
My happiness is
Wherever I find it
And I wanna find it with you
Have you ever felt...
If you got your lucky break and broke it
I guess you've got your options open
But happiness is
Wherever you find it...yeah
And I wanna find it with you...