Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cruel to the eye
i see the way he makes you smile

watching him hold what used to be mine...

It crushed me inside.
For every word that caused you to cry.
I won't forget that I left the one I was looking to find.

I want you back in may life.

*Siguro rather than wishing to have her back the least you can do is to wish her true happiness. : s m i l e : *

: o k l a n g y u n : 

Monday, November 21, 2011

They said that people who are afraid of the past have no future. I disagreed, past had made me changed for a better future, made me stronger and avoid me not to do the same mistake again. But how would one person guarantees that the present girl/gal today is the right one for you.

After we parted ways, I focused on living my life. Staying away from A made it easier to move on. No more confusing signals to throw me off track. No more mind games. No more ambiguity. While I was hurt on the inside, at least now I could focus on the path of recovery rather than be left hanging in the middle of no gal’s land. I was sad and disappointed that A was not the one, but I remained hopeful that my special someone was out there and I would meet her someday. ASA PA AQ??

ikaw talaga A.. pasaway! :P


Sunday, November 13, 2011

you love someone, then you promise to love them forever... and you're prepared to.. but what the hell do you do if they don't love you back?? goddamn life.. then you get angry.. but you don't know why you're angry.. you just ARE... and why do people always say to forget the one you love??? HUh??!?!? you love the friggin' person.. how do you forget them??? Missed ko siya... Asar talo ako sa kanya...HMmmppp!!! moody mode ako in times of like this, lalo nat emotero ako Badtrip talaga...bat kya, di ko kayang bumitaw bat hinahayaan kong maramdaman to hahaha patawa talaga... pag naisipan kong bitiwan sya walang bawian pero sa totoo lang HINDI ko sya bibitawan hanggat naniniwala ako, ang puso ko na kahit kelan isa sya sa mga espesyal na hinayaan kong guluhin ang tahimik kong mundo..