Thursday, December 30, 2010

??? Misery ???


shit.. i dont even know what to do..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


paano mo malalaman that a person loves you?
kung bibigyan ka ba ng mamahaling gifts?
kung sasabihan ka ng 'I love you"?
kung sasabihan ka "I will love you till death do us part?

AKO! love ko ang person
when i give my best just to see her smile
when my heart skips whenever she smiles
and alam ko.. I can give my life to put her away in danger.. (lalo na sa dear ko..)

at sasabihin ko sa sarili ko..
that I will love this girl.. (i already said it to myself..)
until my very last moment in this world

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Dear! : b l u s h :  

Salamat dahil isa ka sa maraming dahilan kung bakit ako naging masaya ngayong taon. : n a u g h t y :  

Sana sa mga susunod pang taon ay magkakasama padin. : k i s s :  

At sayo. OO sayo.

Salamat. : k i s s :  Mahal kita. : s m o o c h : 

Merry Christmas po ulit dear. : k i s s :  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dear, thank you so much... i love you more than my life.. i love youuuuuuuuuu... mwuah!! mwuah!! mwuah!! putchaks!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOUUUUuuuuu...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear, you’ve suffered so much from me.. for being a hard headed boyfriend. You’ve given me chances many times… but it seems like, it didn’t work-out for you. The chances you’ve given me, I wasted it… and now you’ve stand on your decision  that you want to broke-up with me well I guess.. I don’t have to contradict on your decision FOR NOW! I’ll just have to give you time to think of it.. frankly speaking, I don’t know what to do, what to think.. Its almost a day, that we don’t communicate and it feels like years nah.. the everyday task that im doing, wake-up in morning.. clean the house and at around 9 a.m  chat with you till 12. And go to class.. afer class.. go home..  chat with you again, which I love to do.. but now, im gonna miss it.. you’ve been a part of my daily tasks and its sad to know that its just like that, were done! And I do not want that to happen. But the damage is already done. Putchaks! I don’t know what to do now… that I lose you!!! ITS SUCKSS!!! My mind spinning round and round, I don’t know what to think…. I really don’t know what to do,  How I wish I could go there.. kneeling down.. begging for you to take me back and formally apologize to you.. that’s impossible ryt?  Dear, you’ve changed me.. i was not always this way, you were not like the others.. since you came into my life I've been doing alot of thinking.. you’ve made me better you’ve given me the life that I want to give you..  I never knew I could change…  I thought I would remain as I am… and I thank you for that dear..  please.. changed your mind not to broke-up with me.. I CANT AFFORD TO LOSE YOU MY’ANGEL DEAR.. PLEASE.. PLEASE… 
Girl if I told you I love you
That doesn't mean that I don't care, oooh
And when I tell you I need you
Don't you think that I'll never be there, ooooh

Baby I'm so tired of the way you turn my words into
Deception and lies
Don't misunderstand me when I try to speak my mind
I'm only saying what's in my heart

Cupid doesn't lie
But you won't know unless you give it a try
Oh baby, true love
won't lie but we won't know unless we give it a try
give it a try

Girl when I ask you to trust me
That doesn't mean that I'm gonna cheat on you
Cuz I'm gonna never do anything to hurt you
Or mislead you, I love you

I smile yet break down and cry, you're the reason I keep going and the reason I fall, cause without you in my life I'm nothing at all.


Ang sakit! to say goodbye to someone that you don't want to let go but its even more painful to ask someone to stay if they never wanted to stay. (T.T)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Nalulungkot, nayayamot, nagmumukmok
Hindi ko pa yata kaya pang
Labanan ang damdamin ko.. (T.T)

Ingat ka dear...

dear.. mag-ingat ka kung san ka pupunta.. matulog ka ng maaga pra hindi mamutla.. Wag masyado magpuyat..
sayang din talaga.. pagkausap ka'y sarap sa tenga, ngiti mo at mukha mo kay ganda.. Im gonna miss you.. salamat.. dear, i love you more than on my own life..

why do some say that love completes but still you're incomplete?

Why does saying i love you is not enough?

a question na mahirap marealize, dba? 

parang its like this you love someone but he/she will not make you happy in that sense still your incomplete.

I love you is not enough,thats true. tama bah?

its like actions speaks louder than words.
you love him/her because their is a "because".

gulo ko.


it seems like this would be the end of my lovestory.. IT SUCKS!!!
she's my everything.. :(

huhuhuhu.. (T.T)

(T.T) damdamin ko ngaun.. tuyong tuyo! sa pagalis mo lang ito nadama, di na mapigil sa pagluha :(
tila tumigil sa paghinga.. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sometimes it feels good to miss someone. U know that u really care and u indulge in the feeling of loving and caring for him/her.But missing someone and not knowing if he/she is feeling the same is terrible. U feel as if u are being left alone. So if u miss someone, tell him/her and let them know.At the same time, ask if they miss u. Don't let the feeling of missing someone become jealousy. If u are the one being missed and u know it, let the other party know. if u miss him/her too, tell them. Don't let them wait.



Friday, December 17, 2010

chat with my dearest angel..
seeing her in the pic,  could make me happy in a moment.. 
but what i want, Is to see her infront of me physically and personally.. 

Missing You

Every day, I find myself missing you so much more. And I honestly don’t know what to do when my mind constantly has YOU in it. I go crazy for wanting you, my heart longs for you. You have no clue how much I want you every minute, every second. Lately I’ve been getting so attached to you, and it’s making me go crazy for you everyday. I find myself always thinking about you. Always wanting you. It’s driving me nuts! But in a good way :) I find myself falling hard for you. I promise to take care of your heart dear.. I Love You..

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Your love is so sweet,
Its got me coming back for more.
Its like a treat that I can’t find in any stores

Its like something I’ve never had, I never wanted it this bad.
Your love is like a drug, plus the endless amounts of kisses and hugs.
Its only made by you, something I find so true.
Something I’m wanting and needing, 
But yet, I can’t fight what I’m fiending.

I want your love 24/7, cuz dear when I’m with you it feels like heaven.
I love you.
Only you.
Stay true,
And never fade away dear.

Love always.