Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Thoughts

Memories of You

Today, You visited my mind again but I will admit it makes me smile and

happy coz you know you will always be special no matter what. I was

bored and I decided to read those messages that you left

and somehow I know to myself that I already moved on coz

every time you visited my mind I never felt the sadness, the hurt and

the headache that brings in me before. Reading your messages makes me

smile and my mind run a happy scenery always, seeing your lovely face

with a smile.

I just hope that during those time, even its just a short period,when

god brought our path together I make you happy, makes you feel special

in a very simple ways, put laughter on your sweet face when we are

talking and i know i made you smile coz i heard you laughing all the

time and I felt that as well. I felt  your honesty, your sincerity 

and most specially the love and care that

you gave.

I know many will not understand this just you and me and I want you to

know that you will always be a treasure in my heart.

You are such a good memories on my part and you will always be my

beautiful Angel. Just pray to god to send me another beautiful person

with a golden heart like yours…i know you are one in a million and i

will never ever encounter a person like you do but i do hope for the

best and i know you will guide me and take good care of me no matter


Thanks for the good memories....i will treasure that forever..

Monday, July 9, 2012

i couldn't be thankful enough for your presence in my life. i've been through this a lot with you but i can't seem to reach an end to this. everything reminds me of you now and it has become an endless quest for answers i know i will never get. the weather seems to understand the way my emotions feel. the grayish sky compels me to crouch under my shell and hide from any more chills. hah! even that reminds me of how your warm touch used to sweep over my shivering skin. oh ishhh! im just sleepy. nytie!