Monday, May 7, 2012

there may be a time when i acted like a coward, i couldn’t let you meet my world we couldn’t dance freely in the air walk together in the rain, play, laugh, enjoy the music, feel the warmth of the sun and get hurt together.. stagger say “its okay baby, ill be there when you fall” hold each other’s hands shield each other’s dreams we couldn’t.. cause i couldn’t.. i couldn’t let this sphere know you, feel you, adore you and recognize you. i am bit a coward, i have labeled you with numbers, bordered you with letters, no pictures just these vague images portrait created with words. i placed you inside my poetry but never took you for a walk outside these solid bulky wall. i placed you inside boxed, captured, imprisoned and i made you my master piece, i was misguided won’t be wrong again this time.. i will make you fall for me, not with numbers, letters, figures or fusion of words.. i will kiss you.. instead of saying I LOVE YOU,  i will hug you.. instead of this I MISS YOU line, i will hold your hand.. instead of overusing I CARE, i will touch you often.. we will be talking rather than arguing..

i will make this happen

i will make you fall for me again

i promise..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You, do you remember me?
Like I remember you?
Do you spend your life
Going back in your mind to that time?

?Cause I, I walk the streets alone
I hate being on my own
And everyone can see that I really fell
And I?m going through hell
Thinking about you with somebody else

Somebody wants you, somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can?t breathe, without you it?s lonely
Somebody hopes that one day you will see
That somebody's me, that somebody's me...